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Testimony 9/13/2022

UEN Testimony - Open Enrollment Proposed Rules

UEN delivered testimony to the public hearing this morning regarding proposed administrative rules to implement the elimination of the March 1 open enrollment deadline. Just a reminder, this legislative action was taken by a last-minute amendment to HF 2589 (Standings Appropriations Bill) on the last day of the 2022 Session. There was no vetting through subcommittee, committee or other public discussions to provide feedback, clarification, or perfect the language to prevent unintended consequences. These proposed rules are pretty close to reflecting the statute. We provided comments to encourage clarity so there is less room for confusion on the part of parents, school leaders, and the business office regarding billing. Any discussion and advocacy about whether there should be an open enrollment deadline should be directed to a future Legislature and the Governor. The State Board of Education is required by law to implement this policy, regardless of how poorly it was drafted.

See the UEN Testimony on Open Enrollment Proposed Rules provided at today's public hearing.