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Public Comments on DE At-Risk Task Force Due by Dec 1
DE is currently seeking comments on recommendations from the At-Risk Task Force. Responses will be collected through Dec. 1. Survey link to submit comments found here.
Call to Action - HF 729 Standings Appropriations
HF 729 and Amendment will likely be considered yet this afternoon. Contact your House and Senate Republicans and ask for support of the Rep. Devon Wood Amendment regarding AEA funding in HF 729 Standings Appropriations. See the Calls to Action for more information and share this with others.
Call to Action - SF 251 Administrative Expenditure Limitation
SF 251 on Administrative Expenditure Limitation was approved by the Senate on Wednesday. Ask Representatives to oppose SF 251. Talking Points and Additional Details are included in this Call to Action.
Call to Action - Action Expected Next Week on SSA
Action is expected next week on SSA. Contact legislators this weekend and early in the week. Request a per-pupil increase of at least 5% given high inflation and low per-pupil increases over the past decade. See this Calls to Action for more information.
Call to Action - School Choice Bills Update - 01/19/2023
Bills with new numbers are being considered in the House (HF 68) and Senate (SF 94) on Education Savings Accounts. Since these bills are moving quickly, advocacy actions must be taken this weekend and Monday.
Call to Action - School Choice Bills Moving Fast
Action is expected next week in both House and Senate Committees. UEN encourages the legislature to oppose the Governor’s School Choice plan.