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  • Capitol Update 3.17.2022
    Capitol Update - March 17, 2022
    In this weekly report, learn details of: March 18 Second Funnel Deadline; Shooting at Des Moines East High School; Floor, Committee and Subcommittee Action Funnel Survivors; next steps on sorting out the bills dead due to the Funnel; Advocacy Action Steps for This Week; Links to Advocacy Resources
  • UEN Weekly Update 3/10/2022
    Capitol Update - March 10, 2022
    This UEN Weekly Report from the 2022 Legislative Session includes: Status of Governor’s School Choice Omnibus in House Appropriations Committee; the Cost of Transparency: Fiscal Note HF 2499; Revenue Estimating Conference, March 10, estimates revenue growth for FY22, FY23, and FY24; HF 2505 School Complaint Procedures (Teacher Misconduct) in House Ways and Means; Floor, Committee and Subcommittee Action, and more. • Advocacy Action Steps for This Week • Links to Advocacy Resources
  • Call to Action - 03.10.2022
    Call to Action - Vouchers in the House - March 10, 2022
    This Call to Action concerns the Governor’s Omnibus Voucher bill currently in the House Appropriations Committee HSB 672. The subcommittee met Tuesday, March 8th, and recommended the bill move forward to the full House Appropriations Committee. Contact House Appropriations Committee Members to Oppose HSB 672.
  • Call to Action - 03.06.2022
    Call to Action - Vouchers in the House - March 6, 2022
    First discussion of vouchers in the Iowa House. Please contact members of the House Appropriations Committee before Tuesday at noon and encourage their opposition. See all of the details and talking points in this updated Call to Action. If your Representative is on the Appropriations Committee, your voice is critical to stopping this bill from moving forward.
  • Capitol Update 3.3.2022
    Capitol Update - March 3, 2022
    In this weekly report from the Statehouse: Tax Cuts Signed by the Governor; Details of Teacher Shortage and Recruitment Bills; Transgender Girls’ Sports Signed by the Governor; Status of Governor’s School Choice Omnibus; Other Policy Bills Moving Forward; Advocacy Action Steps for This Week; Links to Advocacy Resources