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Captiol Update - February 11, 2021

In this week's Capitol Update Video, find out the latest about House and Senate one-time funding proposals, information about the 34 schools on the ESSA list whose students would qualify for vouchers, and hear details of the SSA funding discussion.

After the video was completed for this week's update, the House debated and amended the Senate's SSA funding proposal, sending SF 269 back to the Senate. The Senate adjourned until next Monday when we expect them to take up the bill.

See all the details in this week's written report to be distributed on Friday, but in short…SF 269 was amended in the House in what appears to be a compromise. They set the SSA rate at 2.4%, increased the state cost per pupil by an additional $10 to close the formula equity gap to $145, appropriated additional funds for transportation equity to bring all districts down to the state average, continued the property tax replacement payments, and deleted the Senate's $65 per pupil one-time funding for a qualified instructional supplement. Expect more discussion on those one-time funding options in a different bill next week.