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Capitol Update - June 11, 2020
The Senate and House have worked through some big policy bills this week, including some important to schools. In this report, learn the details of what was sent to the Governor and what is still on their plate to accomplish before they adjourn the 2020 Session.
Capitol Update - January 23, 2020
In this Jan. 23, 2020 UEN Report of the 2020 Legislative Session, find information about: Details about Gov. Reynolds 2.5% recommendation for SSA; UEN Talking Points for 3.75%; Bill Action; New Bills Introduced; BOEE Proposed Rules on Credit Hours Required for Licensure Public Hearing; Finding Biographical and Contact Information for your Legislators; Links to members of Key Legislative Committees; and Advocacy Resources
Capitol Update - January 16, 2020
In this Jan. 16, 2020 UEN Report of the first week of the 2020 Legislative Session, find information about: Education Highlights from Governor Reynolds Condition of the State; The Governor’s Budget Recommendation for FY 2020 and FY 2021; Specifics about State School Aid in the Recommendation; New Bills Introduced and more