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SSB1076 Flexibility (Chapter 12)
Linked here is text of SSB 1076 Governor's bill on Chapter 12 flexibility. Let us know if you have feedback.
Governor Reynolds' Condition of the State Highlights - 01/11/2023
In Governor Reynolds' Condition of the State speech, she described her education reform plans, including a bigger Education Savings Account (ESA) concept. Learn more of the highlights of her FY 2024 Education Budget and Policy Recommendations, as described in her speech, in her budget report, or on her Vision for Education Webpage.
UEN Bill Registrations - April 19, 2021
See the list linked below to download a spreadsheet of UEN registrations for active, enacted, and inactive bills that have been introduced or are moving through the Iowa Statehouse. To see how UEN registrations compare with other educational organizations, contact us and we'll share a list with comparisons.
UEN Bill Registrations - February 16, 2021
See the list linked here for UEN and other educational organization registrations on each of the bills moving through the Iowa Statehouse
Memo to UEN Superintendents - August 18, 2020
UEN Update on COVID-19 Metrics, Data, Education Roundtable Conversations, and recent Opening School FAQs.