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Learn How to Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved in support of UEN and public school districts in urban communities.


Learn the Latest

Join our UEN Distribution List to get the latest information and updates on activities happening at the Statehouse. Request to Join Our Mailing List


Become a UEN Member

The UEN Bylaws define membership eligibility. In general, any Iowa public school district with two or more high schools, or attendance of 10,000 students or more, whose composition includes the major characteristics of "urbaneness", may request to become a member of the UEN. Contact us to learn more.


Be an Advocate for your Local School District

Contact your UEN member district's administration office and ask how you can join in their advocacy efforts. Most member districts have Community and Parent Advocacy Teams.


Contact Your Legislators

Learn about the priorities of your local school district and the UEN, then contact your legislators and ask them to support these important issues. Learn about UEN Legislative Priorities.


Become a Corporate Sponsor

UEN offers businesses serving Iowa schools the opportunity to share information about programs and services with UEN members through Corporate Sponsorship. This win/win helps keep dues lows while helping members learn about your products. Learn about UEN Corporate Sponsorships.